Presentation of the Horse

1. Any handler showing a horse in this show must hold a valid Handler Permit issued by ECAHO.

2. Concerning the protection of horses and drug abuse, the rules of ECAHO “apply”.

3. Handlers must be at least 16 years of age.  They must be neatly and appropriately dressed.  In the view of the prestigious nature of the competition, the Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry in to the ring of any person wearing unsuitable or casual clothing.  They are allowed to wear any clothing normally worn in their country of origin. Handlers will not wear clothes carrying any form of advertising which discloses the connection of the horse they are handling. The horses have to be presented in leather bridles or light halters. Stallions and colts aged three years and over may be shown wearing suitable bridles with bits.

4. For the stimulation of the horse before entering the ring the OC will provide a couple of whips. Their use will be limited till the horse has entered. Other artificial noise stimulation is not allowed during this show, whether it is in the show ring, collection ring, or in any other place on the show grounds (i.e. Al Khalediah Farm).  Artificial Noise is described as (but not limited to) plastic bag shaking, rattle shaking, bottle shaking, hitting of objects with sticks or other instruments.  Any natural form of stimulation will be allowed.  This includes a noise one can make with their own body, for example (and not limited to) yelling, whistling, clapping, cheering.

5. Respect of Schedule – The proposed timing of the events will be available to exhibitors from the Organiser’s office.  The horses will be marshalled by stewards and be in the warm-up ring at least 20 minutes before the start of the event.  To avoid any delay in the warm-up ring, each horse should have its own show halter.

6. Sale Rules – If a horse is sold between the qualifying classes and the Championships, the new owner will have to prove its purchase with an attestation of the sale signed by the former and the new owner.