Entry Conditions

1.The show is governed by the rules and regulations of the European Conference of Arab Horse Organizations – Blue Book 2019. Participants submit themselves to the judges’ decisions that are limited to that particular show event and based on the classification system fixed in the entry form. The official ECAHO representative, King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Centre, has invited the judges & Officials; they work honorary and are not representatives of the societies they belong to.

2.All horses must be free from infections and from a home stock free of epidemic diseases. They must be effectively vaccinated against INFLUENZA. The Vaccination Certificate must be presented!Any horse may be quarantined at the direction of the Disciplinary Committee’s veterinarian.

3. No compensation for transportation costs will be granted.

4. A staff list for access to the International Quarantine Stabling must be provided with the entry forms. Only persons that need to enter will be permitted to do so.

5.The Organizer is not liable for damages and accidents to participants, grooms, audience or fittings, nor are they liable for theft.

6. Stable equipment has to be provided by the exhibitors. Some items may be loaned from the Organizer.

7. It was decided by the National Registry – King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Centre (KAAHC) in Saudi Arabia,that all Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners will be drug tested. In case the result is positive, costs have to be carried by the owner of the horse; other participating horses may be drug tested randomly on request of the Disciplinary Committee. 

8. The Veterinarian is responsible for taking the samples for the doping test.

9. All exhibitors will be expected to conduct themselves in the spirit of the rules of ethical show behavior and will be held responsible for themselves and their handlers.

10. Exhibit numbers will be distributed from the Organizer’s office. 

11. Hotel Rooms will be provided for both the owner and show ring handler of Invited Horses only. Please complete the required form and lodge it along with the entry form. If this form is not lodged with the entry form, the provision of hotel rooms will not be guaranteed.

12. KSA visit visas for owners & staff accompanying horses can be issued online by the owner or his representative.  

13. Certificates of participation and result will be issued by the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horse Centre on confirmation of the results.

14. Prizes and awards: 

  • Championship: The prize money, Trophies, and Garlands will be awarded to the winner of Gold Champion, Silver Champion, and Bronze Champion for each championship.
  • Qualifying Classes: The prize money, Trophies, and Rosettes will be awarded to (place 1 to 3) and the Prize money and Rosettes will be awarded to (place 4 to 5) only in each qualifying class.