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2014 Endurance News

Endurance Horses end successfully the medical examination

Riyadh - Media Committee

The Veterinary Committee of Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz international Arabian Horse festival ended the examination of the horses involved in racing ability and endurance, which begins at six o'clock in the morning.

The President of the veterinary Committee of the festival, Dr. Anas Al-Hassan confirmed the readiness of all horses to participate in the race ability and endurance after passing a medical examination, and said: "Horses are ready to enter the race, and we thank God that the veterinary work was not hampered by any obstacle during the medical examination, as well as taking the weight of the participants Knights as per the rules and regulations of the International Equestrian Federation."
He added: "Veterinary Committee's work will be double today during the race, where there will be a screening of all the horses after the end of each round planned in advance in five rounds."