The Arabian Horse

Beauty, Nobility, Courage, Stamina

The Arabian horse is a cultural treasure of the Arab world. Celebrated as the oldest and purest of equines, the breed was honed to perfection during centuries of breeding in the harsh desert environment of the Arabian Peninsula and Near East. Regarded by their Bedouin breeders as honored companions rather than beasts of burden, the character, trainability and loyalty of the Arabian horse is a reflection of this unique relationship.

Immortalized throughout centuries of literature and art, the nobility of the Arabian horse is the subject of countless poems and treatises in the Arabic language. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who greatly loved horses, once advised his followers, "Take upon you the mares! Their backs are a sanctuary and their wombs are a treasure."

After the countries of the West encountered the Arabian horse they made countless forays to the desert in an attempt to obtain these splendid steeds. Arabian blood was subsequently used to create or improve almost every known breed of equine. In modern times, the versatile Arabian is treasured as a superb athlete, excelling in a variety of equine disciplines. In the sport of endurance racing, a daunting test of courage and stamina, the horse of the desert is almost impossible to defeat

Today, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with other countries in the Arabian Gulf, is proud to preserve this priceless cultural heritage by breeding, showing, and racing the finest Arabian horses in the world.