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    Wednesday 23rd of January 2019

With the participation of 24 countries and the awards of more than 8 million riyals, Prince Sultan bin Abdelaziz international Arabian horse festival starts the competition today.

Riyadh-"Media Committee"

Today Monday starts the Prince Sultan Bin Abdelaziz 2nd International Arabian Horse Festival at Al Khalidiyah Farm west of Riyadh with the participation of 24 countries with awards reaching more than 8 million riyals. In addition to the allocation of the Organizing Committee of the Festival 8 cars model 2014, 6 for the winners of 1st places in the racing competition, along with two cars to the winners of the first and second place in the race ability and endurance.

The Festival will start today with the Endurance for a distance of 120 Km with the participations of 40 competitors being the elite of the Arabs in the racing ability, where tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday) sprints competitions of Arabian Horse. The competitions culminate on Wednesday which will be the opening of the beauty competition in four classes, foals and fillies and mares and stallions including the Arabian Desert bred horses.

His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Khaled bin Sultan, member of Board of Directors of the Festival, praised the constant attention of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques patron Equestrian Festival, which has made tremendous efforts undertaken by the chairman of the festival, His Royal Highness Prince Khaled bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, to highlight the image aesthetic of the International Festival, which commensurate with the status of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz - may God have mercy on him - as well as the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, was interested in the return of the Arabian Horse to his native Country, Saudi Arabia.

Prince Fahd bin Khalid bin Sultan stated that the directives of the chairman of the festival contributed to the completion of many infrastructure projects for the festival, which occupies the highest rating in ECAHO organization "TITLE Show."
Prince Fahd bin Khaled confirmed the completion of all equipment for the start of the event (International), stressing that the field of beauty horse show for Arabian Horses witnessed several changes of building new runways for fans wishing to attend the festival competition which accommodates much more of what it was copying in the past. Prince Fahd bin Khaled related that competition in this season will be different in terms of power and number of participants, he said "This season 24 countries will be participating, and all horses participating qualified to compete in this Championship, after the system was modified according to the rules and regulations of the ECAHO Organization, we know the desire of all owners in the world to participate in this international equestrian demonstration."

The Knights of the United Arab Emirates has taken the lead in the previous Endurance series after Sheikh Ahmed bin Humaid Al Nuaimi tore the lead from Club Ajman Equestrian where and jockey Ahmad Sabousi of Dubai stables got second place, and rider Rashid Al Mazrui of stables Dubai got the third place.

155 horses are taking part in the beauty Arabian Horse show, after the conditions for participation in the festival have been modified other than what it was in the past championships.
And lot of equestrian followers nominate this beauty competitions as the strongest show in the Middle East for this year where the participating horses hold distinguished record in Championships organized by ECAHO.

Photo explanation: Prince Khaled bin Sultan delivering the awards to the winners during the last edition:

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